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Wilton, North Dakota 0 comments

We have a 1year old Bosch, dishwasher,SHX4607UC/36 we can not keep it in the cabinet.I open the door and it falls out.

I have had the latch replaced once at $100.00 a pop, and I am not a HAPPY CAMPER. They were out here the first week in September, and it is loose again. I was told they called the factory, and I was also told, the next time they would have to build a latch,[WHICH TELLS ME..this is a commom occurance] as the one furnished is a hard plastic, at over $1000.00 you would think the dish washer would stay where it belongs. I am in a wheel chair...and it was not a easy task, lifting the dishwasher back into the opening, and picking up, the dishes that had scattered.

I like the dishwasher, I just want it to stay where it belongs..

Bonnie Kepler, N.D

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